The things whenever need to be packed and moved obviously it has a purpose and always pays to be safe. That is why, this particular trade generated consumer demands for reasons other than price.

INDIAN PACKERS & MOVERS has an appeal irrespective of the concern-whether it is big or small, industrial, domestic, national, international or multinational. Initially we had mastered ourselves in household goods, delicate, fragile artefacts and similar goods. Later, we gathered experience in the large sectors like the Industrial and Medical sector.

Now, the packing & moving has several features in different segments:

  • Commercial Segment
  • Household Segment

The commercial packing has different segments:

  • Industrial Segment
  • Medical Segment

Indian Packers & Movers are giving the comprehensive services of packing, transporting, loading, unloading, warehousing, escorting and unpacking at the destination to the customer. Besides packing and transportation, loading and unloading also play an important role to maintain the size and form of the goods. Specially, when it is a case of loading, unloading of Four-wheeler, light / heavy machineries or medical equipments it really becomes job. It needs professional care, skill and obviously years-long experience.

In Industrial segment, Indian Packers & Movers has proved it’s workmanship whether it is the Railway Coach of Jesop India Ltd., Packed and Moved from Calcutta to Vietnam or a Sole – Pack machine unit of Bata (I)Ltd., packed and moved from Batanagar ,W.B. to other parts of India, or several large Industrial Unit of Kitchen Appliances of India Ltd.( KENSTAR), INFAR (I) LTD., EXIDE INDUSTRIES LTD. Centrifuge ROTOR Machine of Haldia Petrochemicals Ltd. to name a few of them.

A medical unit when needs to be moved requires professional packing, proper handling while loading the unit and even in transit. For instance, Spiral C. T. Scan Machine of Calcutta Medical Centre, Cath-Lab Unit of B.M. Birla Heart Research Centre, X-Ray Machine Unit of Wipro GE – these units are very sophisticated, if the alignment changes or worse the machine gets damaged – the unit loses its purpose. These are life saving machines have a great demand in modern treatment. Indian Packers & Movers have made praiseworthy service to these esteemed concerns of these specialised fields.

Whenever, the news of transfer or retirement of any official is circulated the bell rings for the Indian Packers & Movers. The persons move from one city to another city, from one country to another country – only the memories left behind, they finally adjust themselves to the new environment. IPM (Indian Packers & Movers) becomes an integral part of this change. From Expatriate to Ordinary person- whoever is the client stand apart from any segmentation, they remain barely as a family man along with lots of liabilities and anxieties. IPM enlarges their hands to handle the anxieties of the customer “Your Ware Can Now Be Left to our Care ” is our basic slogan.

Irrespective of the sector INDIAN PACKERS & MOVERS takes the charge of the materials; a strong sense of belonging works within us which takes impression in our Customer – friendly service , careful handling of the materials. IPM becomes integral with the sentiments, urge, emergency of the client. Except this, only acute business sense won’t go well specially with this service sector. Actually this sincerity adds to this faceless trade a human entity.