Packing of household goods and machineries is not a matter of joke it’s one kind of Art.

We provide the packing of entire household goods. Followings are the lists of some important household goods for which we provide secure packing:


Wrapped in polythene sheets, corrugated paper and other soft papers, if necessary we also provide thicker card board sheets to prevent outside jerk on the machines. Finally put it in a crate (wooden) for safe loading and delivery of the items at the destination.


Wrapped in a anti-fungus soft paper, bubble sheet, thermocol and other packing materials in crate/box and load it on the top of the consignment with cushioning padding to prevent the jerk and any further demurrages.


Wrapped in tissue paper, foam, polythene sheets, corrugated paper, bubble paper (if required) and finally put it into the wooden crate. Load it on top of the consignment.


In case of Seaworthy packing, the wooden or steel containers are provided to stuff the materials and it is made Air tight, Water proof, fire proof and insect -free to provide entire security to the materials. The mode of packing is applied on the basis of delicacy of the stuffs, depends on the mode of transport i.e. sea or air and the rules of the destination country. IPM takes the responsibility of doorstep delivery to any part of the world as desired by the customers and also take care of the consignment at the time of Custom Appraisement at the Docks or Air port.

Usually, we provide our client wooden container duly made and protected by tar felt to keep it air tight, water proof, damp- proof and to avoid loss of packages in case of L.C.L. Further, the wooden container is put into the steel containers provided by the shipping companies. These steel containers are made water – proof and fire- proof. These steel containers are of two sizes:

i) 20′-0″ x 8′-0″ x 8′-0″610cm x 244cm x 244cm
ii) 40′-0″ x 8′-0″ x 8′-0″1220cm x 244cm x 244cm

The IPM book the space of the steel containers for the wooden one on the basis of its sizes ; either it is a F.C.L. (Full Consignment Luggage) , L.C.L (Loose Consignment Luggage).

As the foreign consignment takes place, the mode of packing depends on the rules of the country to which the consignment will go. For example, in China nails are prohibited in air-cargo whereas in Australia, U. K., U.S. A., Japan and other European & Asian countries hay and jute sacks are prohibited, bubble paper, corrugated sheets are the proper replacement of those in point of hygienic packing. Now a days Fumigation of wooden container / furniture is mandatory for sending them to any other country. The Fumigation Certificate must be issued by a Custom Approved Agency. As it is a Global Trade , must be subjected to the rules and regulations maintained by different countries to behold the global position.